7 Best Apex Legends Heroes For Beginners, Ranked

Apex Legends Octane And Bloodhound

Apex Legends has a fairly large roster of heroes by now, and it can still be challenging for beginners to select from the starter Legends. The game is fast paced, punishing in Battle Royale, and packed with weapons and mods that will take time to learn.

Fortunately, the addition of Mixtape and an improved Firing Range can help you from feeling too overwhelmed. You can patiently experiment with different playstyles and items. But each Legend has an essential role, which is only more critical to understand in Battle Royale. Here’s our selection of ideal Legends for beginners, based on their introductory value and tactical difficulty.

7. Revenant

Apex Legends Revenant Halloween Skin

Revenant just received a massive overhaul, and is currently at the center of the lore. You’ve probably noticed them due to the Halloween season. They require in-game currency, and they can be a little tricky, but their new kit is fairly useful for beginners. You won’t have to worry about pragmatic Totem placement or well-aimed Silences anymore.

Revenant is now characteristically self-serving, so your responsibility isn’t so crucial in a match. The new ultimate simply gives you more shields, and the tactical leap helps you cover a lot of distance. Though the latter takes practice, Revenant’s kit can help you survive, escape, or push more easily if you’re feeling lost.

6. Fuse

Fuse And Motherlode

This might be an unexpected choice, and they also cost in-game currency. But Fuse can be very handy for new players who want to play aggressively without totally compromising a fight. Fuse’s tactical ability and extra grenades are terrific for safely flushing opponents out, and without spending precious ammo.

The tactical is also a great defensive maneuver for holding choke points, and hiding the audio as you revive a teammate. It can even help when your jumpmaster lands poorly in BR, as you scramble for any weapon in a hot zone. Fuse is also quite useful in the close quarters combat of nearly any Mixtape map.

5. Gibraltar

Gibby is an absolute tank and a literal hero in Apex Legends. He has a protective dome and arm shield to survive encounters you otherwise couldn’t. While the heyday of Gibby’s fast-revive is gone, they are still a solid support hero that isn’t under as much pressure to push.

The ultimate also blankets your area in bombs from above, which can help soften up enemies waiting on your roof, or even prevent a push. And the dome is highly useful in final zones. However, enemies are aware of this. Besides Gibby’s large hit box, he’s frequently the main target of an ambush, often to make you panic and waste your dome.

4. Lifeline

Lifeline Dark Depths Skin

This hero has gone through a lot of changes since Apex Legends first launched, and isn’t best for Mixtape or the long run. However, it can be very convenient to quickly revive or heal your teammates for help, without having to stick around. And as a medic, you’re encouraged to shadow your teammates. This is important for learning good habits and how to distinguish bad ones.

The ultimate ability signals everyone to your location. But instant supplies are nice, and the pod can provide sorely needed cover in the right situation. Lifeline also has a small hitbox, which is forgiving for newcomers.

3. Caustic

Apex Legends Caustic And Holospray

Despite Caustic’s larger hit box, their abilities provide a good balance of defense and offense. Enemies love to be aggressive, especially once they weaken or knock someone on your team. Caustic’s traps can help lock doors or provide temporary cover, allowing your team to reset.

However, Nox traps can also be used to trap or detect opponents, simply by littering them out of view. Caustic’s ultimate has terrific reach, making it an excellent tool for pushing or hiding. So, you aren’t tempted to camp behind a wall of traps too much.

2. Octane

Apex Legends Heroes Octane Running

Octane is arguably the easiest hero to learn and master in Apex Legends. Their kit is very simple and built around speed, making it easy to flee or attack. Their passive also allows you to automatically heal over time (but not shields).

These abilities make Octane one of the more casual heroes, if you just want to have some fun and aren’t looking for deep competitive investment. They do retain value in higher-level gameplay, though. Unfortunately, Octane is also very easy to misuse. As a beginner, you might be more likely to abandon teammates or push incorrectly.

1. Bloodhound

Bloodhound Revelry Skin

Bloodhound is a reliable and effective Legend throughout all skill stages. They provide extensive information about enemy positions for your entire team. This can help you avoid getting ambushed, which is hard to deal with as you start out. Although scanning gives away your own position, tracking might help you detect enemies beforehand.

A good scan can discourage enemies from pushing by eliminating their element of surprise. Bloodhound’s ultimate also offers great maneuverability, though its scanning nerf was a shame for longtime mains.

Apex Legends is free to play and has invited more beginners since adding Mixtape, but choosing the right heroes can make an important first impression. Strategy is pretty divisive among Apex Legends players, but fans should definitely welcome all newcomers. So, be sure to let beginners know what Legends you think would be ideal for their first main!