505 Games and Epic Tease Mysterious New Game, ‘Project Care Bear’

visit rockay city

It was just weeks ago that 505 Games announced Control 2, but it seems as though the publisher will be dropping another revelation at The Game Awards on December 8th. Currently, gaming fans are poring over a teaser that has revealed a mysterious, urban setting, inviting players to ‘Visit Rockay City’.

On Twitter, a short, one-minute video was released, starring actor Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), and at the end of that clip, a QR code was shown. If this code was scanned, it’d offer up a redirection to visitrockaycity.com, a holding page for what is assumed to be an all-new open-world game.

Is This Project Care Bear?

There are a few details to be pulled from the holding page, but the most curious tidbit is a code name hidden deep in the page’s source code. There’s an audio loop that plays over the page – a helicopter, the sound of police sirens, and lapping waves. This audio loop is revealed to be sitting inside a Google Drive folder at 505 Games, and it’s listed under a file path named:


Now, there’s very little we can take away from that, and it’s as vague as a project name could possibly be, but there are still a few details we can pull out of the teaser. For instance, if the holding page is a direct indicator of the game itself, it looks like a gritty, urban crime story set in an environment that closely mirrors Miami, Florida.

If we judge the architecture, vehicles, and general aesthetic, it looks as though it’s a present-day title, but that doesn’t really give much away about the core concept of the game itself.

There were all kinds of assumptions circulating online, with some users on Reddit suggesting that this could be a new Sleeping Dogs title, but that was based on the sheer look of the teaser alone, and nothing more tangible.

If there are no more leaks in the gaming industry to reveal this further, we’ll find out what Rockay City really is next week, on the 8th of December.