5 Best Pop Culture References in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has been mixing its world with the real world for quite some time now, giving players unique pop culture references and easter eggs. GTA V, however, has more than any of the other games.

Here are some of the best pop culture references in GTA V.

Pop Culture References in GTA V: Which Ones Are the Best?

GTA V has a plethora of pop culture references. Some of them are pretty subtle, and you really have to search to find them. Some, though, are right in front of player’s faces.

Here are the five best pop culture references in GTA V.

5. Sasquatch

With Sasquatch being one of the most popular cryptids in the world, GTA V made sure to include the beast in the game. If you are lucky, you will be able to find the hairy ape-like creature walking around the forests of San Andreas.

Sasquatch is a great pop culture reference in GTA V.

4. Jesus Christ

A character seen walking around the Los Santos Del Perro Pier named Jesse seems to closely resemble Jesus Christ. He wears clothing that looks like robes and has a cross hanging around his neck. He even makes a few references to his “father.”

This is one of the more subtle references in GTA V but is still a great one.


The famous series LOST, which ended in 2010, even has a reference in GTA V. Way out on the outskirts of the map in the ocean you can find a glowing hatch that is unable to open. This comes directly from the first season of LOST when they find a mysterious doorway that leads underground.

While LOST had been finished for a while, it is awesome seeing GTA reference the famous show.

2. Pink Floyd

One of the more subtle references in GTA V is the Pink Floyd reference. When inside Floyd’s home, he can sometimes be seen walking around in pink clothing. This is an obvious reference to the famous rock band.

While some may have never even noticed, the Pink Floyd easter egg still stands as one of the best pop culture references in GTA V.

1. Red Dead Redemption

GTA is not Rockstar’s only famous video game franchise. Red Dead Redemption is also incredibly popular and critically acclaimed, and GTA V even has a reference to it. A book called “Red Dead” by J. Marston can be found in Franklin’s library up in the hills. In the first Red Dead Redemption game, Jack Marston says he’s going to write a book about his dad. This is obviously the book he wrote.

The Red Dead Redemption reference in GTA V is hands down the best pop culture reference the game has given us.