5 Best Nintendo Switch Games For Adults

The Nintendo Switch has been a popular console amongst both children and adults since its release in 2017. While the handheld console has many children’s games, it also has quite a few games made for adults.

So which games are a little less kid-friendly on the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch Games Meant For Adults

With games like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon dominating the Nintendo scene, there are still quite a few T or M-rated games that end up reaching the platform. Let it be noted, that many games that are also kid-friendly are also still great choices for adults, but some games are just not necessarily the best games for children to play.

Here are the top five best Nintendo Switch games for adults.

5. Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

The Diablo franchise has been around for quite some time, and now Nintendo is making sure to include it on their consoles. Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is currently a title playable on the Switch, allowing players to enter into the inner depths of hell. Not only was Diablo 3 a huge success but also is a great game that you can now play on the go with the Nintendo Switch.

4. Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2

The Bayonetta collection on the Nintendo Switch is a great game for adults to explore. The first two titles are Nintendo classics. Players can play as a shapeshifting witch who not only uses magic but also firearms. The game is quite extreme and provides gamers with a fun way to fight off enemies.

3. Bioshock: The Collection

Bioshock: The Collection features three titles within the Bioshock franchise. This retrofuturistic is relatively violent and perfect for gamers who love a good first-person shooter. Each title is rated M and is full of plenty of action. The first game, which was released for multiple consoles in 2007, became an instant classic and is a great game to play on the Nintendo Switch.

2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is known as one of the greatest games ever created. In fact, the title has been re-created multiple times already, with a remastered version out for purchase. The game first released on the Switch almost seven years after its initial release, and still was incredibly popular. Cast spells, fight dragons and more when playing Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

As winner of Game of the Year in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a perfect adventure for adults to embark on. Fight off murderous monsters while also indulging in the main character, Geralt of Rivia’s, interesting love life. The Witcher 3 is incredibly violent while simultaneously just as fun and entertaining, making it the best game on the Nintendo Switch for adults.