5 Best Games Like Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is easily one of the most popular social situation franchises out there. The game’s most recent release, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which debuted on the Nintendo Switch in 2020, has sold close to 45 million units.

The game allows the player to create their own story, work on their own house and land, and basically do whatever they feel suits them.

The franchise has had some major titles in the past, like its version for the GameCube and the Nintendo DS, but which games show a resemblance to the popular social situation franchise?

Animal Crossing: The Top 5 Similar Games

Animal Crossing is a great comfort game. A mixture of the game’s simple gameplay and beautiful music makes it perfect for those trying to sit back and relax.

Here are the top five games like Animal Crossing.

5. Cozy Grove

Enjoy the feeling of sitting back and simply enjoying your gaming experience? Cozy Grove is the perfect social situation style game that will give you that feeling. Available for all major platforms, this title checks off all the boxes of being similar to Animal Crossing. Cook yourself a dinner, run some errands across the town and more in the world of Cozy Grove.

4. Ooblets

Often referred to as a mixture of Animal Crossing and Pokemon, Ooblets allows players to not only explore the world of Oob but to raise different unique and fictional animals in the process. The game consists of taking care of plants, dance battles and more, making it the perfect fit for those who love Animal Crossing.

3. Sims 4

Sims 4, the most recent of the franchise, is well known for its similarities to Animal Crossing. While in Sims, you may not be living in a world of talking animals, but the game still has that similar social situation feel. Buy a house, get married, have kids or do whatever you like in Sims 4.

2. Minecraft

Regarded as one of the most popular games of all time, Minecraft is the perfect replacement for those looking for a game like Animal Crossing. The popular title allows you to create your own worlds, explore others and more. Minecraft also has a story mode, allowing you to switch from the creative side to the exploring side.

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is often referred to as one of the most similar titles to Animal Crossing. This social situation style game puts players in a small rural farmland. Players can then grow and sell crops as they need. The game is calming and fun, just like Animal Crossing, and is available on all platforms, even your phone.

  1. No. Minecraft isn’t like animal crossing and Sims4 doesn’t even have the same premise…. Have you ever played these games? It would have been better to put Fae Farm and Harvestella. At least put some effort into this.

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