5 Best Fortnite Live Events of All Time

Fortnite is notorious for hosting some of the most legendary live events to date. Whether it’s a concert or an event regarding the ongoing storyline, Fortnite will make sure it’s the best piece of entertainment that you have experienced.

Here are the five best Fortnite live events of all time.

Fortnite Events: Which Ones Were The Best?

There have been quite a few events held throughout Fortnite’s history, but which ones hold the throne as the best? Various famous artists have gotten their own concerts, while other events simply help further the storyline.

Whatever route the event goes down, it is always something that gets people excited.

5. Ariana Grande Concert

The Ariana Grande concert not only shook the Fortnite world but also had various different gamers and fans of the famous pop singer tuning in. This massive event took players into a new realm where they got to watch Grande stride around, singing all of her hits.

The Ariana Grande concert in Fortnite was not only unique but something that even those who don’t play Fortnite could love.

4. The Meteor

The Meteor still stands as one of the most historical live events in Fortnite history. While the event visually does not hold up to the game’s more recent events, it was still the very first time Fortnite had held something of the sort. The build-up for the event was intense, as everyone wanted to know whether or not Tilted Towers was going to be destroyed.

3. The Devourer of Worlds

Arguably one of the best Fortnite events ever held in the game was the famous Marvel “The Devourer of Worlds” event. Not only was this fun to watch, but players also got a chance to partake in it. The goal was for everyone to fight off Galactus, known as the Devourer of Worlds. The entirety of this event was the conclusion of Chapter 2, Season 4, known as the Marvel season.

2. Travis Scott Concert

The Travis Scott concert took fans by surprise. The event had a huge build-up, which the Ariana Grande concert did not. In the coming weeks before the concert, every update would add a few pieces to the singer’s stage, as if it was slowly being set up.

The Travis Scott concert in Fortnite led fans into a whole new universe, something no one had expected.

1. The End

Obviously, the greatest Fortnite live event of all time was the conclusion to Chapter 1, Season X, “The End.” This live event took everyone by surprise, and the game had the most viewers at once to date. Everyone wanted to know if there would be a new map. Then, when players got stuck in a black hole for a few days, the community went up into a frenzy.

The End takes the cake as the greatest Fortnite live event ever to take place.