5 Best Fortnite Collabs of All Time

Fortnite is notorious for collaborating with multiple large franchises. In fact, many consider Fortnite one of the largest meta-verses due to so many different video games, TV shows, movies and more being a part of their universe.

But just which Fortnite collabs are the best of all time?

The Best Fortnite Collaborations

Fortnite has made entire seasons revolve around specific collaborations, making them extremely popular. Some of these collaborations would have weapons stay in the game for a long time while some would only appear in the item shop for just a few days.

Out of them all, here are the five best Fortnite collabs of all time.

5. Naruto

Naruto was one of the first major animes to make its way into the Fortnite universe. With the first set of skins being Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi, fans immediately wanted more. Since then, Naruto has had a second collab with Fortnite and will probably have more due to the show (Boruto) still running.

4. Dragon Ball Super

One of the longest-running animes of all time is the Dragon Ball franchise. Like Fortnite, Dragon Ball Super also has had two collaborations within Fortnite. This was a collab that excited everyone, due to how long the show has been running. In fact, Fortnite’s tweet announcing the collab was the game’s highest-liked tweet of all time (and still is).

3. DC Comics

You cannot forget about all of the collaborations Fortnite has done with DC Comics. From Batman to Aquaman, DC has had quite a few of their characters jump off the Battle Bus. Not even just skins though, but the game has featured entire POIs centered around the DC universe. Back in Chapter 1, Tilted Towers was completely transformed into Gotham City, making it one of the most legendary seasons ever.

2. Star Wars

A collaboration that has been consistently featured within Fortnite almost every year is Star Wars. Every May, specifically during the time of May 4 (may the FOURTH be with you), Fortnite has added various Star Wars cosmetics and weapons into the game. In fact, the recent intergalactic collaboration featured Anakin from Episode III. Star Wars continues to find itself within the Fortnite universe and shows no signs of going away for good.

1. Marvel

With an entire season dedicated to it, Marvel is undoubtedly the best collaboration in Fortnite of all time. Almost every popular Marvel character has their own skin. From Iron Man to Miles Morales, the Battle Royale has seen a plethora of Marvel characters. The game also has featured various locations centered around Marvel with different themed items and weapons being in the game.

There is absolutely no debate when saying that Marvel x Fortnite is the greatest collab the game has ever done, and arguably the greatest video game collaboration of all time.