11 Bit Studios Signs Deal to Bring Its Titles to Xbox Game Pass

11 Bit Studios has announced that it’s signed a deal with Microsoft to bring its titles to Xbox Game Pass.

The announcement came today via bankier.pl (thanks ppe.pl) which discloses the information.

“The Management Board of 11 bit studios SA (hereinafter the “Company”) informs that the Company has received a signed agreement with Microsoft Corporation based in Washington, USA, the subject of which is to make selected games from the Company’s portfolio (hereinafter “Games”) available in the Game Pass program run by Microsoft Corporation. Pursuant to the agreement, the rights to the Games will remain with the Company. In the Company’s opinion, making the Games available in the Game Pass program will have a significant, positive impact on the Company’s financial results in subsequent periods. The list of Games covered by the contract will be announced at a later date.”

Founded in 2010 by former members of CD Projekt and Metropolis Software, 11 bit studios S.A. is a game development company hailing from Warsaw, Poland. The studio has gained recognition for its notable titles, including Anomaly: Warzone Earth (2011), This War of Mine (2014), and Frostpunk (2018).

The studio is currently developing Frostpunk 2 and The Alters.

Are you looking forward to 11 Bi Studios games on Game Pass?

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  1. Why tho smh I’m starting to really get tired of Xbox game pass and this mediocre bullshit they keep coming out with! Bring out better FUKKIN GAMES!!! If I’m paying 15 a month put better content out gamewise cuz this isn’t cutting it!

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