More Than 1 Million People Have Played XDefiant Beta (So Far)

xdefiant beta

Since the current closed beta for XDefiant went live, it has been gathering steam, with many claiming that it’s going to be a genuine competitor to Call of Duty when it inevitably launches in full. It’s fast-paced, high-octane, and energetic, and it has been revealed that one million players have tuned into the game already.

For the most part, players are already marvelling at how fluid the movement is in XDefiant, comparing it to a jetpack-era Call of Duty title like Advanced or Infinite Warfare. If there’s one thing that fans were disappointed about when Modern Warfare II launched in 2022, it was the fact that it felt so much slower-paced.

Will XDefiant challenge Call of Duty?

Extended and Impressive

To answer the demands of the one-million-strong community, Ubisoft extended the closed beta by an additional forty-eight hours, pushing the closure of the trial period out to April 25th at 11 PM PT. This move allows even more people to sample what might be a next-generation competitive shooter.

This is a hilarious side note, but when tuning in to watch the Call of Duty League on Twitch, I was greeted by an advertisement for XDefiant’s beta. That’s just below the belt!

As content unravels for XDefiant, we’re seeing the movement pros hitting up some of the cleanest lines. There are already world records being set for trial run maps, and videos have started surfacing showcasing the full extent of the fluidity of the game’s movement mechanics.

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For Ubisoft fans, this game is an homage to everything that the firm has ever done. There are so many elements taken from other games, and every map in XDefiant is inspired by iconic locations from Ubisoft’s most legendary franchises.

It’s powered by ex-Call of Duty talent, it has proven to be a huge success for gamers the world over, and when it’s released, it’ll be free-to-play. It’s trying to cover all the bases and offer up a diverse, mixed platter for gamers hungry for something new, but will XDefiant ultimately deliver?

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