Yellow Brick Games Reveals Debut Teaser, Full Reveal Coming April 2nd

In a new official teaser, Yellow Brick Games revealed cinematic footage from its debut title, and announced a full reveal is coming exclusively to IGN on April 2nd.

A variety of industry veterans first founded Yellow Brick Games in 2020. The Chief Creative Officer is Mike Laidlaw, who previously worked at Ubisoft and Bioware. Fans will recognize Laidlaw for their years of work on the Dragon Age series.

Other members of the team include COO Jeff Skalski, game designer Glenna Greer, and art director Sebastien Primeau.

Yellow Brick Games’ official site describes the team’s debut game as a fantasy action-adventure and an “all-new IP”. The site adds that the devs are “crafting spaces with…intriguing reasons to explore and achieve”, and want players to “develop their own solutions and playstyles.”

During four years of development, the devs have been relatively silent until now. The game doesn’t even have a title yet, but it’s certain to appear on IGN next week.

Other details should include the basic premise and mechanics, and possibly even a release window. However, it’s probably too early for a concrete release date. Yellow Brick Games didn’t confirm if the full reveal will include just a brief trailer, or a lengthy preview.

Yesterday, a new post on the official Twitter feed showed off some concept art from the studio’s second newsletter. It gave curious fans a glimpse at a potential hero.

Today’s teaser trailer focused more on the environments, which look bright and vast. This may hint at a potential open world design, but Yellow Brick Games hasn’t confirmed much of anything.

There’s also a look at one of the upcoming enemies, including both a smaller creature and an apparent boss. The visuals already have fans speculating on comparable titles.

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