XDefiant Leak Shows Future Season Content and Battle Pass

New details regarding the future of XDefiant’s content pathway have leaked online just as the game comes out of an internal testing period. On Twitter, leakers have revealed the ‘themes’ for four future seasons, which includes the driving faction for each season, as well as battle pass details for ‘Season 0’ and a previously unseen map set to surface in Season 2.

But No Release Date

We recently published an exclusive talking about the state of play for XDefiant, which prompted the game’s executive producer, Mark Rubin, to take to social media and promise a solid update soon. It has been several months since anything meaningful regarding XDefiant has come from Ubisoft, and prospective fans are starting to get turned off.

In the latest leak, a series of images surfaced online (thanks mostly to TxLimited) revealing the season structure for the foreseeable future for XDefiant. It was said that the following pathway will be explored by Ubisoft:

  • Season 1: Rainbow Six-themed
  • Season 2: Far Cry: New Dawn-themed
  • Season 3: Assassin’s Creed-themed
  • Season 4: Ghost Recon-themed

Along with those tidbits, a battle pass was revealed for Season 0, which will reportedly contain 50 tiers and will cost around $10. It was claimed that the MDR, a popular assault rifle in the gaming world, would be unlockable in this battle pass. There also camo and mastery challenges revealed, which suggests XDefiant may not be straying so far from Call of Duty’s operating model after all.

Finally, a previously unseen map – based on Far Cry: New Dawn – was revealed, dubbed ‘Waterfront’. There are also whispers of a new map themed around a ski resort and some rumours regarding bundle pricing in XDefiant.

Insider Gaming can confirm that the leaks are authentic and we have seen separate gameplay and documentation. However, the game’s seasonal content updates could change by the time of their intended release.

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