Xbox Reveals New ‘Enforcement System’ That’ll Clean Up Their Platform

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Well, the goal is that the new Xbox ‘enforcement system’ will clean up the platform, but that’s a huge ask in 2023, right? Recently, it was revealed that Xbox’s ‘Player Services’ team has poured resources into designing and compiling an all-new enforcement system that’s geared towards punishing wrongdoers quite severely.

It’s a strike-based system that could see players being banned from Xbox’s online and social services for up to a year for their transgressions, and it’s packed to the gills with monitoring and safety features.

What’s The New Xbox Enforcement System All About?

As recently revealed in an Xbox News blog post, the enforcement strike system is designd to ‘educate players about enforcement severity, cumulative effect of multiple enforcements, and the total impact on their standing.’

As gaming is arguably becoming increasingly toxic, more competitive, and more concerning for the minds of younger players, developers, publishers, and operators are being charged with putting in place more safeguarding features just like this one.

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This blog post revealed that in 2022, ‘fewer than 1% of all players recieved a temporary suspension’, and out of them, a third went on to carry out a repeat offence.

In an in-depth graphic, the path to full suspension is revealed, showing what happens when a user makes an account and repeatedly breaks the rules – being abusive in voice chat or having an unsuitable gamer picture, for example.

There are other elements involved in the chain, such as moderator reviews, appeal processes, the eradication of strikes, and information on how to avoid getting further strikes.

Long story short, stop being a moron online and don’t bully people. There are more reporting functions in gaming than ever before, with users being able to capture audio and video at the touch of a button, and if you do something wrong and you’re reported, you’re almost destined to receive a suspension.

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