Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 Marketplace ‘Is Not Closing’

xbox 360 marketplace

Last night, it was discovered that a statement on the Xbox Support platform had emerged claiming that the Xbox 360 marketplace will be closing ‘over the next year’. This was followed up by a warning to users that they would have until May 2023 to purchase any Xbox 360 games or associated DLC, or risk missing out forever.

Then, a few hours later, a Microsoft spokesperson stressed that this message was posted in error and that the Xbox 360 marketplace – which is almost eighteen years old – will remain in operation for the foreseeable future.

Don’t Let The Retro Go

Recently, we reported on the news that a collection of top-tier titles would be leaving the Xbox 360 marketplace for good. This is likely where the confusion arose, with Microsoft reiterating that beginning on February 7th, these games will start to be removed – as will their associated add-ons and expansions.

For a few hours, fans of the now retro platform were writhing in shock and sadness, preparing the mourn the inevitable end of what was once considered the greatest games console of all time. That’s a subjective thing, for the most part – so don’t call us out on that statement.

However, it doesn’t seem that the situation is as clear-cut as it looks. For one thing, the support article referenced a shutdown in May 2023, which is a few months after the date that the aforementioned titles will be leaving the marketplace. There’s a theory floating around that they meant to write ‘May 2024’, but given the immediate backlash from the community, they backtracked and claimed that it was simply an error.

That’s total conjecture, though.

For now, the Xbox 360 marketplace is safe and secure, ready for one and all to step in and start purchasing some retro goodness.

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