Wolf Among Us 2 In-Progress Images Revealed

wolf among us 2 (1)

Telltale Games has just revealed a series of images showcasing The Wolf Among Us 2, which is in development now. This is the follow-up to the 2013 game of the same name (without the ‘2’, of course), which saw players dive into a mystery-drama title driven by choice, consequence, and conversation. Telltale Games has had a rocky few years, but fans are appreciative that this title is finally shaping up to be something special.

Wolf Among Us (Again)

In a brief statement, the crew at Telltale Games offered an update on the state of play with The Wolf Among Us 2:

We’ve been quiet because we’ve been heads down, focusing on the promise of TWAU2. While we can’t give a big update yet, here’s a little something for you: In-progress shots from the current build. The work continues. The Fabletown gang will be back. Thanks for being fans.

It was a pretty long time ago that Telltale Games announced The Wolf Among Us 2. It had almost passed off everyone’s radars entirely, but this latest injection of images reveals a title that looks worth waiting for. Fans are hopeful that TWAU2 will be released this year, but it seems as though it has only just entered a major production phase, so it could still be a while before it surfaces.

Are you excited about a new Telltale experience?

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