Create Your Own Witcher 3 Character With a New Mod

the witcher 3 mod

It was around two months ago that CDPR opened up the REDkit for modders focused on The Witcher 3. This invaluable resource serves as a free add-on to The Wild Hunt, giving modders unprecedented control over the game, and we’ve already seen some stunning creations emerge. Now, a new mod has surfaced called Custom Player Characters, and as the title suggests, it allows players to create their custom character with which they’ll enjoy 2015’s The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Change Everything

I don’t know why you’d want to, but if you’ve ever imagined stripping Geralt of Rivia from his role in The Witcher 3 and playing as a fresh character, this is the mod for you. The Custom Player Characters mod, published by nikich340 on Nexus Mods recently, allows users to build their player character from the ground up.

It’s pretty boundless – you can be a sorceress, a different Witcher, or something else entirely. With the character creation elements unlocked by the REDkit-backed mod, you can assume a completely different identity, and when combined with other mods (voice-based ones), you can even change how Geralt sounds, adopting a female voice if you’d like.

The Custom Player Characters mod even utilises new, ‘retargeted’ animations that make female bodies move more accurately. Also, if you choose to be a Sorceress, you’ll pick up a fresh magic-based combat system, assuming control of a set of spells that improve the more you use them.

It’s one of the most ambitious mods I’ve ever seen for The Witcher 3 – who will you play as?

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