EVE Vanguard Gets Update From CCP Games

CCP Games, the studio behind the ever-popular EVE Online, has released its latest update on the development of EVE Vanguard.

The studio is transitioning from the “First Strike” era of development in 2024 to the “Solstice era” for the second half of the year for members of the game’s Founders Program.

As far as what’s currently being developed, CCP Games is working on improving player progression and rewards, adding new gameplay elements, “expanding the frontlines” with more depth to corruption and suppression, and enhancing the player agency of the game, among other improvements.

In addition to the roadmap release, the studio provided fans with an update video looking into the future of EVE Vanguard. You can watch that video below.

EVE Vanguard Update

CCP Games is planning to launch EVE Vanguard into Steam Early Access following a major update coming in November 2024. This update will “introduce new features such as stronger economic links to EVE Online, a strategic deployment map featuring diverse planetary environments, engagement with multiple factions, weapon chipset crafting, and more emergent activities.”

No specific date on when Early Access would launch was provided.

Set in the EVE Universe, EVE Vanguard is an online sandbox FPS. The game takes place 21,000 years into the future “on far-flung worlds across the star cluster of New Eden”.

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