Will Stellar Blade Come to PC? – Answered

stellar blade

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where exclusivity was eliminated altogether? When a game launches, it is released to all available systems so that everyone can enjoy the experience. Unfortunately, that’s an idealistic dream. There’s money to be made by launching a console-exclusive title. That brings us to Stellar Blade. Will Stellar Blade come to PC?

Is Stellar Blade Coming to PC?

Currently, there is no confirmation or information surrounding a PC release of Stellar Blade. Of course, it’s likely to happen, as most console exclusives wind up coming to the PC, but it’s a matter of time and money. Will Sony want to port the game to another platform? Yeah, likely.

We suspect Stellar Blade will eventually be on Steam. Most PlayStation exclusives wind up on the Valve-owned platform; we must remain patient and show Sony that we don’t mind waiting.

How Long Does it Take for PlayStation Exclusives to Launch on PC?

For the most part, a PlayStation-exclusive title takes approximately one to two years to launch on PC. If we look at games such as Horizon Forbidden West, it was around two years before the console exclusivity ended. That said, it took Ghost of Tsushima four years to launch on PC.

There is, unfortunately, no concrete window. I mean, look at Bloodborne. There’s likely more going on behind the scenes, but Bloodborne on PC is one of the most requested titles in history, but it’s still not happening.

We could wait two or more years before Stellar Blade comes to Steam!

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