Why Nintendo Won’t Be At E3 2023

New Nintendo Switch

On Monday night it was reported by IGN that Nintendo, along with Xbox and Sony, would be skipping E3 2023 in Los Angeles. While none of the three companies have publicly made comments about the report, another new report gives reason as to why Nintendo won’t be there this year.

According to Andy Robinson of Video Games Chronicle, Nintendo won’t be at E3 this year due to its upcoming library of games.

“[T]he company has decided to skip E3 2023,” Robinson says, “because it feels it has fewer major releases than usual ready to show and which would justify significant event space.”

Nintendo currently has a number of games in development or close to release. The biggest of which is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom coming on May 12. However, that game launches before E3 takes place. Games like Metroid Prime 4 and Pikmin 4 are still without set release dates.

E3 2023 marks the first in-person show since 2019. Nintendo, though it had moved away from traditional press conferences, remained a presence on the E3 show floor through 2019. Despite a lack of the “big three” at the show this year, presenter ReedPop is confident it will put on a show that gamers will enjoy.

“We have received a tremendous amount of interest from many of the biggest companies in the industry, and when we are ready to announce the exhibitors we are confident it will be a lineup that will make the trip to Los Angeles well worth it for the industry and consumers alike,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.

Nintendo has yet to respond to prior requests for comment on the reports. E3 2023 runs from June 13-16 in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

What do you think of Nintendo not being at E3 2023?

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