Why Did New Motorsport Games CEO Stephen Hood Return To The Company?

Motorsport Games CEO Stephen Hood

On April 19 news broke that shook the racing game community as longtime Motorsport Games CEO Dmitry Kozko resigned from his position. Though he remains on the Board of Directors, a new Motorsports Games CEO was appointed, Stephen Hood.

Hood was previously President of Motorsport Games from March 2019 to February 2022. Just over a year later he returns to the company he helped lead through major licensing acquisitions. After his return though, many questioned why he would choose to come back to a company that he left due to various philosophical differences at the time.

In a statement released to Insider Gaming, Hood gave a bit more insight into his decision.

“I agreed to rejoin because I was of the opinion that great people, with the right direction and support, can deliver,” he said. “The role of CEO allows me to operate with the necessary authority to unlock our potential. I’ve been encouraged in my first few days.

“There is clearly passion and talent, not to mention a huge appetite to deliver.”

Currently, Motorsport Games has a number of titles in development including its next NASCAR game and debuting IndyCar title. IndyCar was recently confirmed to be delayed to 2024 while NASCAR’s gaming status remains up in the air.

After speaking with a number of sources within the company, morale has improved in just a week since Hood returned. Many had told Insider Gaming in various past conversations that they were supporters of Hood, and are now “excited” to see what comes next.

“He has the passion to get things on the right track,” one source said. “He knew that the most important thing to fans was a great game.”

What are your thoughts on the future of Motorsport Games with new CEO Stephen Hood at the helm?

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