Where to Find Stronghold Keycards in Warzone 2 DMZ

If you and your friends have been exploring Al Mazrah’s DMZ mode, it is likely that you have come across Strongholds. Access to Strongholds in DMZ can be gained via Stronghold Keycards.

Having a Stronghold Keycard in your inventory can come in handy, considering how much loot Strongholds possess. Here is every way possible you can find yourself one of these Keycards.

Stronghold Keycards: Where to find them

The easiest way to get your hands on a Keycard is simply by buying them at Buy Stations. One Stronghold Keycard is going to cost you $5,000, so having money beforehand is vital.

Finding money not only gets you a Keycard but quite a few other features as well.

Here are some of the ways you and your team can earn cash when playing Warzone 2.0:

⦁ Complete a contract
⦁ Defeating AI soldiers
⦁ Selling loot

You can also find a card by defeating an enemy holding one. Though, defeating enemies may be the hardest way to acquire a Keycard.

Running into a player with a card on hand can be rare, giving you less of a chance than just buying one. The probability this happens is based more on luck, so it would be easier to just buy one.

Once you buy a Keycard, make sure to be prepared weapon-wise. Strongholds are heavily guarded, with AI soldiers putting up a hefty fight. Taking over one of these locations is not easy.

Where to find Strongholds

Once you have purchased a Keycard, you will have to locate the nearest Stronghold to take on. Locating one is simple fairly simple. Here is how:

⦁ Open up your map and zoom in
⦁ Locate a castle icon

Once you have pinpointed a Stronghold, make sure you and your team are equipped for the fight. After defeating all of the AI enemies, your team will have access to much stronger loot than before.

Let us know if you’ve been able to successfully find Stronghold keycards now in Warzone 2 DMZ!

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