Where to Find a Shotgun in Resident Evil 4 Remake

During your first playthrough of the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) remake, you won’t have the luxury of special weapons with infinite ammo upgrades. Instead, you’ll start off with a basic handgun, which doesn’t even do one-shot kill headshots. And after the game has eased you in with some simple tutorial sections, Chapter 1 starts and the danger you’re in escalates dramatically. Before long, you’ll find that your handgun just isn’t offering you enough protection. You might even have progressed as far as the Farm and found some shotgun shells lying around, but no shotgun. And, worse still, encountered a powerful Ganado with a bull’s head who’s very difficult to kill with a puny handgun. The problem is that the first Resident Evil 4 remake shotgun, the W-870 12-gauge pump action shotgun, is actually very easy to miss.

Where is The First Resident Evil 4 Remake Shotgun?

After the church bells ring, saving you from a horde of Ganados in the Village Square and starting Resident Evil 4 for real, you’re prompted to head for the lake. But don’t. Not yet. If you’ve already hurried along as far as the Farm without a shotgun, then it’s not too late. Just retrace your steps and go back to the Village Square, and don’t continue to the Farm until you’re packing a loaded W-870.

Enter the building on the north side of the Village Square. There’s some loot on the lower floor that’s worth getting, but the best weapons are upstairs. Go up the stairs and find the W-870 shotgun displayed on the wall at the top of the stairs. There’s also a hand grenade in the dresser next to the shotgun, and there are some shotgun shells in the bed. The W-870 isn’t the best Resident Evil remake shotgun (in fact, it’s probably the worst), but it’s a big improvement on the handgun, and will dramatically improve your chances of surviving the Farm.