When is the Next Helldivers 2 Update?

Helldivers 2 Bug Horde
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

It’s tough when you spend every waking minute thinking about your favorite game. It’s an all-consuming adventure, serving Super Earth, but one we give ourselves to wholly. But seriously, when is the next Helldivers 2 update?

When is the Next Helldivers 2 Update Release Date?

As of right now, the next Helldivers 2 update launches May 9. However, the team is currently working hard to implement new content to the game in the form of enemies, weapons, and Stratagems, alongside making significant efforts to squash bugs. No, not Terminids. They’re working to resolve the many game errors, crashes, and glitches plaguing the live-service title.

If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date about any upcoming Helldivers 2 updates, you can follow the developer’s social media for additional information:

Alternatively, we recommend checking back here at Insider Gaming frequently. We positively love Helldivers 2 and cover it regularly, so you can bet we’ll notify the community the moment something new pops up for the game!

What’s New in Helldivers 2 Updates Lately?

We’re somewhat spoiled in the Helldivers 2 community. Developer Arrowhead pushes out fantastic updates, breaking very few mechanics or servers along the way while adding a ton of new content and tweaks. The most recent update includes:

  • Democratic Detonation Warbond
  • New armor
  • New weapons
  • Thermite Grenades
  • The ever-popular Grenade Pistol
  • A new booster—Expert Extraction

What does Expert Extraction do precisely? It reduces the overall amount of time necessary for the extraction shuttle to land and pick up the squad. It’s quite useful on more challenging difficulty, where an onslaught of enemies at the end of a round could mean the total demise of everyone.

In the meantime, we could use more reinforcements on the Automaton front! Here is the best loadout to deal with Automatons, courtesy of Insider Gaming!