What You Need to Know About the Valheim Ashlands Release Date and More

Valheim Ashlands Artwork
Image via Iron Gate

Recently, developer Iron Gate revealed the gameplay trailer for Valheim Ashlands, their upcoming content update featuring a new biome, creatures, items, and more. It’s massive and promises to be one of the toughest challenges we Vikings face. But there’s still so much mystery surrounding the free content update. Here is what you must know about the Valheim Ashlands release date, content, and more!

When is the Valheim Ashlands Release Date?

Unfortunately, there is no Valheim Ashlands release date just yet. The official gameplay trailer launched worldwide on April 22, and since then, the studio has been hyping up the release and working to iron out any bugs. However, they’ve yet to mention the content update’s release.

When we know of a release date, check back here because we’ll update this article with more information!

How to Access the Ashlands in Valheim

Once Ashlands becomes available to the entire community, you can access the new zone from the map by defeating The Queen, the boss of the previous expansion zone, The Mistlands. If you already beat her and carry her item, drop it on the ground, then pick it up again. It will automatically unlock new crafting recipes and show you Ashlands on the map.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like waiting for the official release, you can playtest Ashlands as part of the public testing branch. It’s full of bugs and crashes, of course, but it’s a chance to test the upcoming zone early.

You can access the public test branch by right-clicking Valheim in your Steam Library, navigating to “Properties,” and then choosing the “Beta” tab. Once there, select the public test branch and enter the following password: yesimadebackups. Steam will download the beta branch, and once done, you can launch and play Valheim Ashlands!

All New Enemies in the Ashlands

As you’ll read below, there’s a slew of new weapons and armor to acquire as you explore the Ashlands in Valheim. To put every new piece to the test, you’ll encounter numerous new enemies, some of which should offer quite the challenge, based on the gameplay trailer. They include:

  • BoneMaw Serpent
  • Charred
  • Fallen Valkyrie
  • Morgen

Alongside the hostile enemies, players will also discover a new creature—Cadaver-Bengt. It’s unclear whether the Cadaver-Bengt is meant as food or to tame as a pet.

New Weapons and Armor in Ashlands

As mentioned previously, you have options when it comes to new weapons and armor sets. The weapons include:

  • Dual-Wielded Axes
  • Greatsword
  • Mace
  • Sword

Personally, I’m excited to finally dual-wield axes like a slayer!

To better protect yourself, there are two unique armor sets, including the Embla Armor, which suits magic-weapon playstyles. The other unnamed armor set remains a mystery, however.

Valheim Ashlands Gameplay Trailer

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