Latest Warzone Update Completely Breaks The Game

The latest Warzone update as a part of Season 1 Reloaded has completely broken the game.

Social media has been covered in clips of a broken Warzone these past few hours (at the time of writing), which has resulted in Raven Software releasing a statement on the current state of the game.

The majority of the bugs seem to stem from the new Champion’s Quest feature, which Raven Software has said it has disabled.

Raven Software took to Twitter and said, “Upon deliberation with our teams, we have decided to temporarily disable the new Champion’s Quest feature.

At the moment, the current state of the update does not meet our standards for quality and gameplay, and we are committed to addressing the issues promptly to ensure that all players can enjoy #Warzone to the fullest extent possible. Our goal is always to provide a smooth and seamless experience. With that said, we’ll be reenabling Champion’s Quest at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Popular Call of Duty account @CharlieINTEL has posted several of the game-breaking bugs, which you can see below:

The current state of the game caused popular Call of Duty content creators to voice their frustrations. Popular streamer TimTheTatMan took to his stream to say that “its the worst update I’ve ever seen”.

SRaven Software has not given a date on when these issues will be fixed.

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