Huge Changes Coming in Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded

warzone 2 season one reloaded

Raven Software has opened up regarding a staggering list of changes coming to the popular battle royale platform as part of the Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded update. There’s not much in the way of strict Warzone content, but there are so many updates, adjustments, and tweaks that it’ll make your head spin.

It seems that Raven Software has been hard at work polishing the platform that so many players have been having issues with since the game launched on November 16th. Following the launch of Season One, not much really changed, but if the Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded update is anything to go by, the entire platform is about to be massively improved.

So, What’s New?

Al Mazrah is changing for the better!

Admittedly, there isn’t a whole lot of new content coming to Warzone 2 (or DMZ) with the Season One Reloaded drop. There’s the all-new Chimera weapon (also known as the Honey Badger) which is arriving with Modern Warfare 2’s update, but apart from that, there isn’t all that much to write home about.

There’s an all-new building being introduced to Warzone 2’s Al Mazrah map named Building 21, and there’s a mini-quest that’ll see the player picking up keys to enter this new ‘hyper-dangerous area’, but that’s ultimately all we know at the moment.

In terms of the playlist, the Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded update will introduce Solos, Duos, Quads, Mini Royale, and Warzone Cup, the new limited-time mode that’s basically Rocket League meets Call of Duty.

Yes, we’re serious. It’s a World Cup thing.

One Hundred Bug Fixes and Counting

There are literally more than one hundred critical bug fixes being deployed with the Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded update. First, let’s address the gameplay adjustments being made to both Warzone 2 and DMZ:

Warzone 2

  • Strongholds increased to five from three.
  • AI combatants were made slightly weaker in all ways: spawn rate, damage-per-bullet.
  • Black Site combatants made tougher.
  • Out of Bounds time increased to 10 seconds.


  • Adjustments made to item values and cash rewards.
  • Increased/decreased spawn rates of several key items.
  • Eliminated players can now use assimilation to join enemy teams through a ‘Plea for Help’.
  • Extracting multiple times in a row will reward ‘random perks’ in future raids.
  • Medium and Large weapons provide a third weapon slot, not just a stow ability.

There is absolutely no way we can possibly list all the bug changes coming in the Warzone 2 Season One Reloaded update, but you can check out the full list of fixes on the Raven Software website.

In the meantime, here are some of the key changes being made:

  • Fixed issues with visual corruption using certain optics (such as VLK x4.0).
  • Fixed issues with active players being removed for inactivity.
  • Fixed Gulag issue where Jailer simply stands still.
  • (DMZ) Fixed issues with certain quests not tracking properly.
  • (DMZ) Fixed issues with Sabotage contracts not working in some way.

All-in-all, the epic list of audio, visual, gameplay, and network fixes bode well for the future of Warzone 2. If Raven Software is fixing so much, so soon, then there’s definitely hope for what’s to come with the Warzone 2 platform.

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