Could Warzone 2’s Building 21 Be Hidden In Verdansk?

verdansk building 21 dmz

There’s no bigger mystery in the world of Warzone right now than Building 21. This mysterious location emerged as a drop-in location for DMZ a few days ago, stayed online for a few hours, and then promptly disappeared again.

While players were inside Building 21, it proved to be a gruelling location, offering up tough-as-nails bosses, high-value rewards, and a sprawling, internal map spread out over three floors. If you’re a fan of Escape from Tarkov, this was DMZ’s version of Labs.

Now, a theory has emerged suggesting that Building 21 isn’t even within the confines of Al Mazrah, the new map. As per the theory, Building 21 is located in the crater that was once Verdansk…

This Might Actually Work

Twitter – @ModenasHD

One user uploaded images to Twitter that revealed something quite cryptic. When a player loaded into the Building 21 map, a mini-map was shown for a brief moment that seemed to depict an overlay over the top of the Building 21 outline.

Now, this reveals two things:

  1. Building 21 is absolutely enormous, compared to the overlay.
  2. Building 21 sits in Verdansk, right where Downtown was – either that, or it’s underneath the crater that was formed when the nuke decimated Verdansk over a year ago.

In the image, you can see red lines – these directly correspond to roads running on both the overlay and the top-down map of Verdansk. However, the clearest evidence is in the buildings on the map – they’re unmistakably the same in both pictures.

Should this prove to be both true and canonical, then there’s no doubt – Building 21 is connected to Verdansk, a map everyone thought was dead and buried – except for Warzone Mobile, of course.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for Infinity Ward and Raven Software. Reportedly, it was said that players would have to ‘find out on their own’ where Building 21 was truly located. Given that Velikan, a Shadow Company operative, is the boss of Building 21, it isn’t so far-stretched to say that this location is tied to Verdansk.

Could we see a post-nuked Verdansk map emerging in the future? Or, as this is a mysterious laboratory setting, will we see a Zombies x Warzone crossover release in the coming months?

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