Warner Bros. Reportedly Says Suicide Squad ‘Fell Short of Expectations’

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League early access

As first reported by IGN, Warner Bros. Discovery said that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League “has fallen short of our expectations” in a new financial call.

Chief Financial Officer Gunnar Wiedenfels was reportedly referring to Suicide Squad numbers following the sale on February 2nd for $70.

Warner Bros. Discovery released their fourth quarter and full year 2023 earnings results today.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League first launched in January 2024 to mixed reviews. The game still has “generally unfavorable” user scores on Metacritic.

These ratings currently sit at an abysmal 3.7. This likely contributed to the game’s unexpected performance.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League had a rough launch for Early Access. It released with a bug that automatically completed the game.

Developer Rocksteady later issued Early Access players $20 worth of in-game currency to help smooth things over.

Although Suicide Squad may not be selling as expected, Warner Bros. Games did release a promising 2024 roadmap last month.

It revealed that Season 1 will begin in March. The new content will include more boss fights, enemy variants, villain themed weapons, and more. The roadmap also teased future seasons, which fans are already speculating about.

Today’s earnings release states that “games revenue increased meaningfully due to the continued performance of Hogwarts Legacy, including the Q4 launch on the Nintendo Switch.”

In the earnings release, Warner Bros. President and CEO David Zaslav also gave a broader company statement.

Zaslav said that “we are now on solid footing with a clear pathway to growth”. They also announced plans for “a more robust creative pipeline across our film and TV studios”. However, they did not specifically mention the gaming industry.

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  1. All their games have been flips outside Hogwarts. This game was a flop it didn’t fall “short” it fell hard! Gotham Knights did bad but they pretended it did well, Mortal Kombat 1 fell short they haven’t talked about that game since Q3, and Multiversus probably won’t come back. They need to get out of gaming just license the DC characters to other companies because I don’t think Wonder Woman will fare much better.

      1. Yup also the drama sold it to be fair the new industry needs to make a ton to be sustainable so if this doesn’t work it’s the end for your studio

    1. Instead of Wonder Woman they should have made a Jonah Hex game cash in on the Red Dead hype while there’s a big wait for Red Dead 3.

  2. No? I’m sooo shocked! No one wanted this game it was basically Avengers but with a less popular team. Worse they ruined the Arkhamverse and no one wanted this they wanted Batman Beyond too bad Kevin is gone now so he can’t play Bruce. This shows WB Games just isn’t good at making games I would prefer if they outsourced games moving forward let someone like Activision or Saber make DC games.

  3. Didn’t they say Gotham Knights was a success tho? They haven’t said anything since 2 years ago.

  4. Gotham knights now this they just can’t stop taking L’s first movies now games I would fire James Gunn as soon as possible cancel all his plans

  5. Next time make the games people want not this trash! A Batman Beyond game would still work using Kyle Higgins comic, a Nightwing game based on the Chuck Dixon comic, Green Arrow game based on the Smith/Winnick run or Grell run, Warlord game, Jonah Hex game, Wally West The Flash game, Green Lantern RPG like Hogwarts Legacy, Garth Ennis Hitman as a game, Sideways as a game or Static if they have the rights and Bryan Hill writing, Tim Drake Robin game or even Damian, Aquaman God of War game, a reboot Batman game with the 2005 cartoon crew, a Dick Grayson Batman game, Captain Marvel game, The Question game, there’s a ton they could do.

  6. They should have just let Rocksteady make a Batman or Nightwing game and let Montreal make their now cancelled Suicide Squad game with Deathstroke or just a Deathstroke game.

  7. When will the layoffs come? With Embracer selling off assets I see WB Games finally being sold off.

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