Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League 2024 Roadmap Revealed

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In a new Twitter post, developer Rocksteady Studios has revealed a new roadmap featuring a variety of content coming to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League this year.

Beginning March 2024, the game will introduce the Joker as a playable character for Season 1. Accordingly, the game will add The Daily Cackle as a playable environment.

There will also be new boss fights, enemy variants, villain themed weapons, “and more”.

The devs also teased seasons two through four, with small glimpses of upcoming content. This includes three more playable characters, mid-season updates, and three new environments.

Fans got a peek at some landscapes of the fresh settings, one of which features some frosty destruction.

Naturally, adding Gotham content to Suicide Squad would be a smart way to reward fans and potentially win over skeptics.

The Joker should be a very satisfying character to cause chaos with. Although, fans are a bit confused about how that fits into the story.

The Riddler will also get new content, but concrete details have been omitted. Although, it is at least thematic.

It’s very likely that Rocksteady will continue to explore Gotham. However, this does potentially open the door to other DC locations.

It’s exciting to see the Arkhamverse expand this way, even if some fans are divided over the gameplay.

Insider Gaming recently conducted a survey, asking 100 people how they felt about the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League closed alpha.

Responses came back fairly mixed, but average, and current interest still seems to reflect that. There isn’t quite as much buzz as the days of audio leak spoilers.

But the new Suicide Squad roadmap does set up some promising content for 2024.

Meanwhile, the co-founders of Rocksteady have reportedly created a new AAA game studio in London, called Hundred Star Games.

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