Rocksteady’s Founders Have Opened a New AAA Studio in London

hundred star

It’s yet to be officially announced, but the co-founders of Rocksteady (Batman Arkham series, Suicide Squad) – Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker – have reportedly formed an all-new, AAA studio in London. Going by the name of Hundred Star Games, the company has been described as being a ‘video game start-up based in East London’ with a ‘small team of only 100 industry veterans’.

Almost nothing is known about Hundred Star save for a few details that can be taken from company listing sites. There’s a website for Hundred Star, but it offers nothing other than a landing page.

From Rocksteady to Hundred Star

Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker both left Rocksteady in 2022, almost twenty years after founding the studio and working on Urban Chaos: Riot Response and then the Batman Arkham series – and most recently, the Suicide Squad game. According to Endole, a company insight platform, they wasted no time in starting up something entirely new, incorporating Hundred Star Games Limited in February 2023.

It was an amicable departure from Rocksteady, with the pair highlighting that it was simply time to start a new adventure together.

On another platform that has been dredged up named ‘‘, there’s a blurb that describes Hundred Star Games:

Our ethos is of creating a small team of only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents, who are committed to crafting cutting-edge gaming experiences that inspire and captivate players worldwide. With innovation at our core, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing diversity, and fostering a vibrant gaming community. Our empowering company culture is unique to the industry which encourages leadership at all levels, accountability, team support, vulnerability, and connection.

On Jamie Walker’s LinkedIn profile, it stresses he’s working on ‘doing something new and secret.’

It’s not at all known what Hundred Star (which may be stylised as ‘HUNDREDSTAR’) is working on, as the company’s website only offers three facts: 100 People, AAA Games, London. There’s an option to apply for information or to scout the firm’s job listings, but that’s it.

Are you expecting big things from Hundred Star?

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  1. Yellow Brick Games, Hundred Star, Theorycraft games, Rebel Wolves, this new trend for developers branching out is so cool man. I really think this is how we get the next era of gaming. Companies have been so afriad to make something different because of the risks but there are outliers who have been waiting and finally get a chance to flex. Need to see more of this, it’s how we will get all the weird artsy shit that defines the generation. I really think we are entering a PS2 vibe renaissance and people will be surprised.

  2. How long until Rocksteady shuts down? I assume Netherrealm is next too where Ed Boon leaves and a ton of devs leave with him.

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