The Uncharted Series is Being Rebooted, Leaker Claims

A new report from suggests that the Uncharted Series has been greenlit for a reboot, but won’t be developed by Naughty Dog.

According to The Leak, the series will be handed to an “unknown developer”, but Naughty Dog is expected to initially assist the new team.

By Oct 2019, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End sold 15 million copies (in 4 years). In 2015, Naughty Dog lead game designer Robert Cogburn suggested in an interview with Kotaku that Uncharted 4 was likely the last in the series.

“These games are hard to make. Particularly with a character like Nathan Drake in a world that’s fairly grounded, it’s a challenge to consider how much more we can expand the universe while adhering to those sorts of rules.”, Cogburn said.

“That’s not to say the questions will be the same in games we make going forward, but as a studio we grow tired of answering those same types of questions in the same fiction. It’s gonna be fun for us to really embark on new ideas and start fleshing those out [in a new series].”

The Leak has a generally good track record when it comes to reporting leaks across a number of industries and although Insider Gaming was unable to corroborate the report, we have heard rumblings of something to do with the Uncharted series in the past (but once again could not corroborate this report).

As for when this supposed Uncharted reboot will be announced, is anyone’s guess, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a few years down the line.

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