Only the UK’s CMA Now Stands Against The Microsoft-Activision Deal

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Following its defeat in the US courts, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) filed an appeal, speaking injunctive relief in its ongoing battle against Microsoft. It was a last-ditch effort to throw a spanner in the works where the Microsoft-Activision acquisition is concerned, but it was ultimately unsuccessful, with the motion for injunctive relief having been denied.

Now, all that stands in the way of the Microsoft-Activision acquisition is the UK’s CMA (Competition and Markets Authority). If that blocker can be resolved – or even if it isn’t – Microsoft is free to close the transaction, seal the deal, and finally (and officially) acquire Activision Blizzard.

They’re Holding On in London

Recently, the gaming world sat on the edge of its seats as the FTC battled against Microsoft in a bid to prevent it from securing Activision Blizzard. There was a lengthy legal confrontation that saw the highest echelons of both firms – as well as some others, like PlayStation’s Jim Ryan – taking to the dock to present evidence both for and against the acquisition.

However, it isn’t over just yet, as it was just days ago that the UK’s CMA suggested that an all-new investigation could be opened into the merger. It could present yet another barrier to Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition, but at this point, it’s a desperate effort to prevent what could be considered inevitable.

For a while, it was suggested that in order to circumvent the CMA, Microsoft could pull Activision Blizzard out of the United Kingdom. It’s the most drastic action imaginable, but it’s an option if the CMA starts applying too much pressure.

Tomorrow, we could fully understand the next (and potentially final) step in this saga – stay tuned.

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