Ubisoft MD: Skull and Bones ‘Will Be Shipping’ Next Year

skull and bones

It’s probably the most beleaguered game in recent history – Skull and Bones. It has been delayed more than half a dozen times over the last few years, but despite that track of postponement, Ubisoft Singapore is reportedly still heads-down and eager to deliver the product.

A shake-up at the studio recently led to an all-new office being opened, with a new Managing Director being appointed. The former Managing Director of Ubisoft Singapore, Darryl Long, has relocated to drive the Toronto office. Amid his move, he confirmed that Skull and Bones will be shipping between January and March 2024, corroborating earlier reports of that very same window.

It’s Still Coming

In an article published by Yahoo Gaming SEA, it was stated that Darryl Long had reaffirmed the release window to the publication. Long is moving on from Ubisoft Singapore after three years in the role as Managing Director, having been originally brought in to fix up the studio’s allegedly ‘toxic culture’.

In his place will be Jean-Francois Vallee, who come 2024 will oversee Ubisoft’s studios in India, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

So, those who have been waiting years for Skull and Bones to drop may not have all that long left to sit on the sidelines, twiddling their thumbs. It should be released between January and March 2024 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

Will the wait finally pay off?

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  1. Pleaaaassse, no more delays, we are waiting in huge anticipation for this game, cannot wait to play it, something totally different with sea piracy for a change, awesome!!!!!!! ? ? ?

  2. It ain’t ever getting released, but if by some miracle it does,then the software running it is already going to be obsolete.

  3. This games preview was the most generic terrible thing they could have made. They didn’t even make it where you had a character to explore the land with. It’s just worse black flag. Here’s to hoping they have some serious surprises coming otherwise I guess the 19 people who buy it will be content I guess.

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