Ubisoft Reveals Special ‘Division Day’ Showcase

division day

Ubisoft has taken to the airwaves to lift the lid on a special-edition showcase named ‘Division Day’. On April 20th, an exclusive stream is set to take place, revealing the ‘past, present, and future’ of The Division as an end-to-end franchise.

It’s going to reportedly provide long-awaited updates on projects such as The Division: Heartland and The Division: Resurgence, as well as expand further on The Division 2, which was released back in 2019 but is still maintained quite actively by Ubisoft to this day.

Division Day is Coming, But What Is It?

It’s what it says on the tin, apparently. It’s a showcase that’ll reveal what’s happening with the upcoming, impending releases in The Division franchise. It looks like Ubisoft will be giving fans a more in-depth look into The Division: Heartland, which is a free-to-play survival-action shooter standing tall as a spin-off from the main series of games (all two of them).

Then, there’s The Division: Resurgence, a mobile-based game that was revealed last year – it has already seen testing in some regions through closed beta phases, and by all accounts, it looks quite good.

There’s no mention of a follow-up title to The Division 2 – such as, I don’t know, The Division 3 – but that’s mostly fine, as Ubisoft isn’t done with that iteration just yet. It was also clearly stated that players are going to uncover more information about The Division 2 on Division Day, learning about the Year 5 Roadmap and the all-new game mode coming to the platform – Descent.

It all starts at 11 AM PDT / 8 PM CEST / 2 PM EDT on April 20th, and you can tune in through Ubisoft’s Twitch or YouTube channels.

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