Footage of Certain Affinity’s “Transformers Rise” Allegedly Leaks Online

New cinematic footage has emerged of Certain Affinity’s rumored Transformers game dubbed Transformers Rise. The alleged footage was uploaded by YouTuber DpzLuna, who claims the footage is from the rumored game.

You can watch the footage below:

The Transformers title by Certain Affinity has been rumored for the past year or so, when a Game Development Agreement stated that the studio will develop and produce a game on the Transformers property.

“Pursuant to the Game Development Agreement, Certain Affinity shall, under the direction of, and with input and cooperation from, the Company, inter alia , develop and produce for the Company the Game based on certain intellectual property (namely, the TRANSFORMERS Property) as well as provide related services to operate and maintain the game”, the document read.

Senior producer Aaron Hamilton seemingly dropped the game’s title name during a podcast in the summer of 2021, too, stating that the title is called Transformers Rise.

In terms of official announcements, not much else has been given in terms of details about the game, but it’s believed to be a third-person shooter.

Revealed earlier this year, founder and CEO Max Hoberman spoke with GamesBeat and revealed that the studio is working on three individual projects.

One is a Halo Infinite project that Hoberman describes as being “big and new for the franchise”.

Are you looking forward to seeing a transformers game by Certain Affinity?

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