Creative Assembly is Developing a Star Wars Total War Game, It’s Claimed

A new report from DualShockers has claimed that Creative Assembly is developing a new Total War game based on the Star Wars universe.

According to the outlet’s report, a total of three different Total War games are in development. Total War Star Wars (or whatever it will be called) will apparently be the second game of the three to release, but it’s unclear on how long the game has left in development.

I first got wind of a ‘futuristic’ Total War game in late 2022, with several other second-hand sources reaching out since and stating that the game is based in the Star Wars universe. So, in my opinion, at least, the rumor has a lot of credence and is likely real.

Currently, Creative Assembly is developing a massive update for Total War: Pharoh, whilst its other projects are officially not announced following the cancellation of Hyenas and other unannounced projects. In late 2023, SEGA announced that the cancellations of some of Creative Assembly’s projects and staff reductions were to “reduce various costs”.

The company said, “We will reduce various fixed costs at multiple group companies in the region, centered on The Creative Assembly Ltd. We expect to incur one-time costs related to fixed cost reductions.”

Hyenas was Creative Assembly’s most expensive project to date and by a lot of accounts, was almost ready to be released.

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  1. I’ve been dying for a new Star Wars rts ever since I discovered Empire at War, it’s wild that it’s taken this long for any sort of a real follow up. I know there was that galactic battlegrounds game but it didn’t look better than EaW from the screen grabs, here’s hoping for multiple eras without having to download mods.

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