The Sims 5 Has Already Been Cracked and Pirated

Sources, who wish to remain anonymous due to the possible repercussions of their name going public have shown Insider Gaming that they’ve already managed to crack and pirate the current version of The Sims 5.

Playtests for the Sims 5 started last week, on October 25.

The hackers have been able to generate access tokens using a playtester devuno token (which allows them to access the game). These generated tokens will allow anyone access to the game without needing any form of online access or approval from EA.

In addition to the replication of the access tokens, the hackers have also shown gameplay of them playing on Peer 2 Peer servers without ever needing to contact EA servers.

It’s understood that cracking the game was fairly easy as the game is currently unencrypted and runs on Unreal Engine. This has apparently made it “real easy” to bypass the titles [lack of] security.

EA has already said that they are prototyping The Sims 5 on Unreal Engine, but it’s not been specified if the game will fully release on Unreal Engine 5 or not.

When asked if the hackers will make these generated codes and access the game public, Insider Gaming wasn’t given an answer before the publication of this report.

Apart from the potential disaster though, it seems like The Sims 5 is already going down well with fans. “Everyone loves it in the playtest discord”, said one source.

Not much else has been said about The Sims 5 officially, apart from its official announcement under the name “Project Rene” last month.

It’s understood that The Sims 5 will release on console, PC, and mobile.

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