Become a Landlord In The Next Sims 4 Expansion

the sims 4 for rent

It’s time for fans of The Sims to see things from the other side of the table. There’s an all-new expansion pack on the way called ‘For Rent’, and it’s finally going to give The Sims players the option to own and maintain properties, renting them out to other Sims and accepting everything that comes with that responsibility.

Will you be a slumlord, letting your custom-built apartment block fall into disrepair, black mould seeping through every surface, or will you attend to your tenants’ every whim?

On December 7th, you’ll be able to find out.

Becoming Landgraab

Since the first The Sims game was released back in 2000, players have had one core goal: get better at life. That typically means getting a better job, making more friends, improving yourself, and yes, moving upwards into bigger, more expensive properties. In the latest The Sims 4 expansion to be revealed – ‘For Rent’ – players are turning that concept on its head, and now, they’re the ones collecting the rent and determining who can live where.

Here’s the trailer:

It’s an interesting concept that’ll hit home for many adult gamers who suffer (or manage perfectly well) at the hands of landlords the world over. In For Rent, players will be able to build and manage their properties as they see fit, making sure their tenants are kept in line. They can be a social, buzzing landlord, or an uncaring, snooping, divisive one – but that might summon a ‘Tenant Revolt’.

For Rent is available from December 7th on all platforms that The Sims 4 is on – it’ll cost around $39.99.

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