The Last of Us Could Be Steam Deck Verified At Launch

Last of Us Steam Deck Verified
Image Source: Naughty Dog

With the upcoming release of The Last of Us’ PC port on Steam, many players are wondering how the game will run in comparison to its PlayStation counterpart and whether or not it will be available to play on the Steam Deck. While Valve’s portable PC has a good variety of games that have been greenlit as verified, there are still many bigger titles that players would like to experience in a handheld mode. Despite its official release coming tomorrow, The Last of Us seems to already have been possibly confirmed as verified for the Steam Deck.

Rather than stating its status on the Steam Deck outright prior to the game’s release, Valve has taken to advertising their handheld PC with iconic scenes from The Last of Us. On the Steam Deck’s website, moments from the upcoming port can be seen displayed on the portable computer itself.

Image Source: Valve

While this is different than the game having its own green seal of approval on the Steam store, it could still indicate that The Last Of Us will be given the verified badge upon its release. The game having been fully optimized for portable play already is difficult to imagine at this stage as it boasts higher hardware requirements than other titles that are difficult to meet on many stationary computers.

Despite this, Valve has felt comfortable enough to include such advertisements and the Steam Deck itself is quite the little powerhouse. Other big titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 have been fully verified, so the system could very well be able to run The Last of Us with some optimizations.

You can hold yourself over until game’s official release tomorrow with its popular TV series or by checking out some other gaming guides and news on Insider Gaming. Be sure to leave a comment about your expectations for the PC port and your thoughts on the game being played on the go with the Steam Deck.