The Last of Us Averaged ‘Nearly 32M’ Viewers Per Episode

the last of us

During a recent financial update from Warner Bros. Discovery, it was revealed that The Last of Us’ television series is averaging ‘nearly 32 million cross-platform viewers per episode’ in the United States alone. It’s also reportedly the most-watched show in the history of HBO Max in both LATAM and Europe.

Since January 15th and the launch of the first-ever episode of The Last of Us, the show has gone from strength to strength. It has boosted sales of the games and exposed millions of new followers to the story-rich world of The Last of Us.

And it is far, far from being over.

Rapid Growth, And We Don’t Mean The Fungi

When it launched in 2013, The Last of Us – a PlayStation 3 exclusive title – rapidly became known as one of the best post-apocalyptic games ever, and it quickly began pulling in hundreds of awards. It took an entire decade, but when a television show based around the events of the game finally debuted, that too became just as successful.

It’s such a hit series that we already know that there’s going to be a second and a third season, the events of which are expected to continue to follow the games’.

In a recent earnings call discussing Warner Bros. Discovery’s performance in Q1 of 2023, it was revealed that The Last of Us has been averaging up to 32 million viewers per each episode aired in the U.S., and it’s the most-watched title ever in the LATAM and Europe regions on HBO Max.

There was a massive drive in terms of subscribers as The Last of Us continued to roll out, with the total subscriber base for WBD’s streaming sector rising to 97.6 million users.

This is arguably the most successful game-to-television adaptation in history, and it’s paving the way for others to follow. In the coming months and years, we should see the likes of Fallout, God of War, Horizon, and Gears of War make their way to the big screen (or small screen?).

Check out the full earnings call to see what else was revealed.

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