The Finals Is Still Suffering Under The Weight Of Cheaters

the finals cheaters

The Finals has had more success in the last few weeks than almost any other shooter that came before it. It was shadow-dropped by Embark Studios during The Game Awards and racked up 10 million players in the space of just two weeks. That milestone came just a couple of months after the game went through a wildly successful beta period that saw stacks of positive feedback levelled against the game.

Unfortunately, that beta was plagued by waves of cheaters – which is something that fans of the highly energetic shooter thought would be dealt with by the time the game was released. Sadly, almost a month after the game went live, the cheating pandemic is worse than ever, and technical blockers have been stonewalling Embark Studios at every turn when it comes to addressing that issue.

Enough To Bring It Down

The Finals is a frenetic, fast-paced, and destructive shooter with some innovative elements and highly entertaining gunplay. It has been designed as a competitive first-person shooter with a free-to-play operating model that has already proven to be a monumental success for Embark Studios – and it’s the firm’s first game.

However, on social media platforms, the driving discussion seems to be centred around cheaters and hackers in almost every scenario. There are thousands of users pouring onto Twitter and Reddit to voice their concerns about the slew of cheaters ruining their games – particularly those trying to enjoy the game’s Ranked modes.

Reportedly, Embark Studios faced ‘technical issues’ that blocked them from banning cheaters, but they’re nearing a solution at present and endeavour to keep the game ‘smooth, safe, and fair’.

In the meantime, players are struggling to cope with the crushing weight of a miserable experience brought on by cheaters ruining their matches. These days, it seems like no multiplayer game can be released or operate successfully without cheaters pulling it to pieces. From Escape From Tarkov to Warzone and from VALORANT to Fortnite, there are cheaters everywhere.

Have you struggled with the flow of cheaters in The Finals?

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  1. The current state of play has stopped me playing competitive shooters. Way too many cheaters for my liking.

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