The Day Before System Requirements Revealed

the day before

It’s still tough to believe it’s real, but The Day Before is shaping up for release. It was recently announced that The Day Before – the beleaguered, open-world zombie survival game – will suffer from another delay, but a ‘final trailer’ was released to showcase all the changes that have been made up until this point in the game’s development cycle.

However, just one day later, it was revealed that the trailer had more or less scalped scenes and lines of dialogue from other trailers and titles. Now, the PC requirements for The Day Before have been revealed, suggesting that the game, which will be released in early access on December 7th (Fntastic claims), will be quite a demanding title.

Is It Even Real?

Everyone is waiting with bated breath to see if The Day Before manages to be released on December 7th. From complex court cases to strange gameplay trailers, The Day Before has had a tough time of it getting this far. There are just a few weeks left until it supposedly releases, but it’s dropping in early access, along with warnings from Fntastic, the game’s developer:

It will be Early Access on Steam since this is our first huge game, and there may be unforeseen circumstances.

Here’s the trailer:

This is the specification that was posted to Steam:

CPU: i5-8400 (or AMD equivalent)
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: GTX 1060 (or AMD equivalent)
Storage: 55 GB
SSD Preferred
CPU: i7-8700 (or AMD equivalent)
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: 1080 Ti (or AMD equivalent)
Storage: 55 GB
SSD Preferred

If The Day Before does finally launch, are you going to invest $39.99 to see what it’s like?

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