Terminator Survivors: Open-World Survival Game Revealed

terminator survivors

Nacon has revealed Terminator Survivors at the Nacon Connect showcase, wowing fans the world over with an eye-catching trailer and sumptuous screenshots. There’s a little division among the wider community as Terminator Survivors is ‘yet another’ open-world survival game with base-building elements, but it’s reportedly set to be an authentic representation of the Terminator universe with an all-new, immersive twist.

Coming October

Terminator Survivors is launching in Early Access on October 24, 2024 – exclusively on Steam. It was promised that console versions of the game will drop at a later date, but it’s the PC players who will be trying their damndest to survive under the crushing pressure of a Skynet-led manhunt post-Judgement Day.

In Terminator Survivors, players are tasked with roaming an open world, assuming control of a group of humans desperate to remain safe from the Terminators hunting them down. It’s a game that can be played solo or as part of a group, and there’s an immersive story present that features recognisable and ‘iconic’ characters from the core movie franchise.

From your foundations in a scrappy holdout, you’ll build a base of operations from which to raid the open world, utilising a mixture of stealth and all-out gunplay to accomplish your objectives and live to fight another day.

I think it sounds great, but there are obvious reasons why it would be splitting the community down the middle.

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