Tekken 8 Will Feature Crossplay and Rollback Netcode

tekken 8

Tekken 8 is one of the most highly anticipated fighting games floating around right now, and it has been so since it was revealed at the PlayStation State of Play held in September 2022. In the latest batch of news to drop, it was confirmed by Tekken 8’s Game Director, Katsuhiro Harada, that the game will boast crossplay features and sought-after rollback netcode.

This is a first for the franchise, as there has never been a cross-platform release. It’s nothing but good news for Tekken fans, as the inclusion of rollback netcode means that online multiplayer matches will be as low-latency and as resilient as possible.

When is Tekken 8 Releasing?

Unfortunately, there’s no news regarding a release date for Tekken 8. In an earnings call that took place in November 2022, Bandai Namco suggested that Tekken 8 could launch ‘in 2023 or later’, which is about as vague as it possibly gets if we’re honest.

However, that doesn’t mean that some news isn’t slipping out from the inner working of Bandai Namco itself, as most recently, the Game Director, Katsuhiro Harada, took to the Twitter-based airwaves to throw out a few key confirmations.

Firstly, he stressed that crossplay will be featured in Tekken 8. In response to a tweet asking if Tekken 8 could include crossplay, Harada said:

Crossplay? Of course I will. BTW, when the previous generation consoles were released, I had already proposed corssplay between the two platforms. However, at that time, they were at odds with each other…

Then, another Twitter user jumped on the train, posting a comment that demanded to know if Tekken 8 would feature rollback netcode, to which Harada replied:

Already installed it, and it already has what you want.

He went on to highlight that Bandai Namco isn’t making announcements regarding this type of news because ‘people like you will only say things like “waaaa! That’s normal in this day and age.” So shut up & sit the hell down.’

Credit where credit is due, Harada handled the announcements like a boss, breaking the news and effortlessly handling the community at the same time.

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