Team Fortress 2 Update is Confirmed… But There’s a Catch

Team Fortress 2 was first released way back in 2007, but it remains a popular and entertaining shooter even today. It’s a game that boasts a dedicated community, but for several years, it has gone without any major updates from its developer, Valve.

That’s about to change, as according to Valve itself, this year will see an ‘update-sized update’ drop, complete with new maps, items, taunts, effects, and everything else that you could possibly hope for, but there’s one key catch to the deal.

It’s the community that’s building the update.

It’s Time To Get To Work

In a blog post released on, it was revealed that this huge summer update will be made possible by the creations provided by the community at large. It seems that Valve is leaning on the Steam Workshop content uploaded and circulated by the community’s talented modders and creators.

There’s a deadline set for May 1st, and Valve has essentially ordered the community to get to work immediately, as the more they produce, the larger and more meaningful the update will be. It’s totally open-ended, with Valve suggesting that modders can ultimately create whatever they so desire. Then, the fresh content will be curated and pieced together as a major, global update.

Recently, an enormous leak occurred within Valve, and thousands of Team Fortress 2 assets were uncovered from within a tightly-locked repository. This was a leak that impacted the entire collection of Source-powered games, but by today, a month after the leak took place, very little harm seems to have been done.

So, there’s a major, game-changing update coming for Team Fortress 2, the likes of which hasn’t been seen for more than five years. At present, there’s no knowing what’ll drop with the update, as it’s totally reliant on the community – but it’s a surefire win for any Team Fortress 2 fans out there.

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