Tarkov’s Latest Update is Being Scrapped and Rolled Back

escape from tarkov top top

It was just yesterday that Battlestate Games deployed in Escape from Tarkov, eliminating snow from the game and addressing issues and balances with armour, recoil, and other core elements of the game. Now, Battlestate has taken the game offline again and stressed that the team is ‘rolling back’ the patch to the previous version, thanks to critical issues that have surfaced following the update.

Back Again

There were plenty of problems that surfaced in, such as intense frame rate drops on larger maps, and players were quick to take to social media and forums to voice their concerns. There were also issues identified with recent changes to the recoil of some weapons, with handguns especially now showing bizarre recoil patterns that were noticeably broken.

Battlestate Games has taken Tarkov offline to roll it back to the latest stable version and will push out these changes once they’ve been subjected to further tweaks:

After the patch installation, critical issues and bugs were discovered, leading us to this decision. The content of Patch will be released in future updates after adjustments with consideration of community feedback.

For the most part, the community welcomes this swift action from Battlestate Games, but it has soured some users who are dismayed at such a lengthy offline period taking place so soon after the last one. There’s no helping some players, unfortunately.

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