GLAAD Releases First Report on LGBTQ Gaming

GLAAD has just released its very first report on LGBTQ inclusion and gamers, revealing that 17 percent of active players identify as LGBTQ.

This data also shows “a 70 percent increase from the 10 percent counted in Nielsen’s 2020 report”.

The report is expansive, with surveys that show LGBTQ players are just as integral and invested in gaming as any other player.

GLAAD’s report also delves into just how much “LGBTQ video game content is lacking”.

GLAAD counted games with LGBTQ tags as of November 2023 for multiple platforms. The report found they “account for less than 2% of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo’s total digital libraries”.

So, although games like Apex Legends do feature a variety of representation, it can still be hard to find.

The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly Edition

Notably, GLAAD’s report claims that “nearly 70%” of LGBTQ players indicated they were less likely to buy from studios that have a history of mistreating LGBTQ workers.

This is one of a few central points that defend LGBTQ inclusion as a legitimate business concern. It suggests that improving representation can appease both the players and the industry.

GLAAD offered many relevant, concrete numbers in today’s report. It is unclear if or when GLAAD will release another report.

Naturally, it would take time to build more data. But this could potentially become an annual report. That could surely help the industry make better, informed decisions.

GLAAD’s new involvement will certainly open up a dialogue, which can be helpful in and of itself.

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