Hi-Fi Rush & Pentiment Are First Xbox Games Coming to PS5, It’s Claimed

Hi-Fi Rush Area One Lava

According to a new report from The Verge, Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment will be the first two Xbox titles coming to other consoles.

The Verge also claims that Sea of Thieves could launch onto non-Xbox platforms “later this year, with other first-party titles also under consideration”.

However, Xbox has not officially confirmed anything about these plans just yet.

Xbox announced today that a ‘Special Edition’ of the official podcast will go into further details about the company’s business plans.

The podcast will roll out on February 15th. It will feature the head of Xbox Phil Spencer, as well as Sarah Bond and Matt Booty.

Hi-Fi Rush Area One Lava

Concerned fans anticipate a clearer look at how Xbox will maintain its value. There are many rumors going around about various games possibly losing exclusivity.

Sending even more first-party games over to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch would certainly be divisive.

Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment are excellent games that add a lot of value to Xbox’s library. Both continue to maintain high ratings, but they are also smaller in scale.

Rumors from earlier this month even point to a potential PlayStation release for the Xbox staple series Gears of War. Some other titles include the anticipated Indiana Jones game and Starfield.

However, there also seem to be plans for more consoles in Xbox’s future. According to recent rumors, the Microsoft Surface Team is already developing the next Xbox device.

Developing a brand-new device is certainly a confident move. So, it does seem like Xbox has a plan to move forward, but the strategy itself remains unclear.

But in the meantime, Microsoft is also contending with FTC claims. Microsoft recently defended itself against claims over its layoffs, which affected 1,900 employees.

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