Tarkov Studio Head Clarifies ‘Microtransaction’ News

escape from tarkov

In a recent post shared on Reddit, the Head of the Studio at Battlestate Games, COO Nikita Buyanov, clarified a few points around the recent news that Escape from Tarkov will be getting ‘microtransactions’. This news surfaced following the game’s latest update, 14.1, which stressed that extra lines in a player’s stash will be available to purchase in the game in future.


On Reddit, Buyanov pointed out that the team at Battlestate Games is adding purchasable options because ‘the game is running for 8 years without any additional flow, you just buy it and play it forever’. Further, some of the ‘EOD features’ (found in the game’s now defunct top-tier version) ‘need to go back’.

It was further revealed (and confirmed) that in future updates, the team plans to introduce the following in the form of microtransactions:

  • Stash expansions for ‘every version available’ up to a total of 28 additional lines of stash space
  • Clothing early unlock (it wasn’t stressed if new clothing will be introduced)
  • Ability to play offline co-op (a default feature for EOD owners)

Buyanov made it clear that these microtransactions won’t introduce pay-to-win elements to the game:

There will no ingame money, items, weapons, gear package purchases and so on. No boosters also.

In a final note, it was highlighted that the additional stash lines will also be unlocked via in-game progress ‘without spending any money’.

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