EA Skate Mobile Version Details and Images Leak Online

ea skate mobile

Recently, images and details of EA Skate’s in-development mobile version were leaked online, showcasing some of the control systems and features of the upcoming skateboarding title. It was recently suggested that a mobile version of EA Skate was in development, but this latest tidbit confirms it, with playtesters being invited to get on board (no pun intended) with a version of the game running on iOS.

Skate Mobile

Soon after Electronic Arts invited playtesters to try out EA Skate Mobile, details about the game leaked online. There was a series of images dropped on Imgur by user sm1one_out_there that shows the game’s default control system, verification of the test application, and a screenshot of the game – which is still relatively early in development.

It was revealed that the test for EA Skate on mobile will run until March 4.

Surprisingly, two playtesters confirmed that there are cross-progression features in EA Skate, which will allow users to continue their game regardless of the platform they’re using. If they start playing on mobile, they can port that progress to other platforms. It was also stressed by one tester that ‘you’re able to play with people not on mobile’.

On Reddit, the user who leaked the images of the playtest revealed that the control system is ‘weird on mobile’ and that they’re getting around a 20 – 30 FPS average with frame drops on an iPhone XS Max. Another user commented that their device was overheating after two minutes of play on a ‘brand-new iPhone 15’.

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