Tarkov Studio Head Leans On Community For Fix Suggestions


Following a turbulent time for Escape from Tarkov fans, Battlestate Games’ head of the studio, Nikita Buyanov, has tried to push the water under the bridge by leaning on the community for suggestions. He appeared on Twitter prompting players to ‘shoot their ideas’ at him before mentioning a proposed change that would remove the ‘Found in Raid’ requirement from the in-game flea market as a ‘test event’.

Changes On The Horizon

Buyanov’s thread regarding ideas and suggestions was built off the back of a comment made by a popular Escape from Tarkov streamer, Velion. He noted some key changes he’d like to see in the game, which spurred Nikita into action, and within a few hours, he’d picked up more than 1000 comments – many of which were loaded with suggestions for improvements and amendments.

Following the last week or two of ‘Tarkov drama’, which included the emergence of Arena Breakout: Infinite, a well-received Tarkov clone from a Tencent subsidiary, Buyanov wrote on Twitter:

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. We wanted to keep it quiet but it’s up to you to decide if you would like to support this kind of things and stick to the games that not only entre the genre but do not hesitate to copy what has been done. Believe me we are focusing no matter what.

One idea that Nikita is willing to at least test is removing the ‘Found in Raid’ requirement from flea market items. Typically, players can only use the fleamarket to sell things that they’ve found and recovered from a raid – but that might change with this test. It’ll return Escape from Tarkov to a time gone by, as this was once the standard. With this change being applied, players would be able to loot the PMCs that they kill and sell their equipment to other players through the flea market.

It would also make top-tier ammunition and meta items readily available – if massively expensive.

That garnered a mixed response from the community, with some suggesting ‘tweaks’ on the test, such as this comment from ‘John B’:

It’s expected that Escape from Tarkov will ‘wipe’ next month. That’s the event wherein the game is globally reset, putting players back to a level pegging and forcing them to restart at the bottom-most level. It’s likely Nikita and his team will roll out any such tests before then, as the run-up to the wipe is typically a proving ground for mini-events like this.

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  1. He’s already said a thousand times that his game isn’t for casuals. Now he’s acting all surprised when a better alternative for more casual gamers arrived, “why thet jumping ship for that copycat?” Maybe cuz you made the game insufferable to anyone who’s not no-lifing it?
    Nikita is so dumb he decides the balance of the game without playing it ever.

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